Rickel (Cowes) Shame it had to rain.
Bverger (Gatteo) Barely a speck on the radar.
Mio (Zimovniki) That rather came out of nowhere, didn't it?
Marsden (Studenec) And they're going off!
Lupien (Gao) Must have been a quicker ball...
Stair (Neidlingen) Beating a India B team is very easy with all the big names missing.
Slobodnik (Amorebieta-Etxano) One of the suggestions is that his slow scoring rate puts pressure on his partner to score quickly who then gets out.
Stade (Danane) Usual jingoistic nonsense about how England should win every game at a canter.
Wolaver (Oakley) Yes there is frustration with not finishing them off, but the great thing is we're bedding in new caps and young blood.
Yarman (Ichinohe) And a very fat ugly bruiser is being evicted.
Ailor (Taltal) They will never be number one until they become ruthless and learn to finish a team off.
Theule (Sao Carlos) Cook threads a two through the covers, but the last ball of the over has Cook playing and missing...
Cleavenger (Head of the Harbor) Last over coming up.
Besemer (Leonia) Definitely not a good thing for a cricketer!
Gallman (Keyport) This pair have added 56 in 12 overs.
Quarles (San Vicente Tancuayalab) The Indian captain adds another two and a single down the ground, he has 30 from 49 balls.
Loisel (El Achiotal) But India's number seven chops a single to get off the mark.
Blakney (East Angus) Presumably, as with England's slip fielders, they have a strict pecking order.
Osegueda (Roma) They thought it had fallen asleep on the steps, but sadly it had died.
Keltt (Terdal) At this rate it looks like I can settle in, enjoy the commentary and still have time to write a decent sermon.
Panganiban (Marcavelica) Not looking like their day.
Sinnett (Melara) This driver is dangerous at the best of times but today she's taking it to a whole new level.
Esser (Sultandagi) But first blood to England.
Belleville (Tipton) Please keep the commentary entertaining this afternoon.
Dilmore (San Juan de Rio Coco) Bit of a green tinge to the wicket, apparently.
Lilyquist (Munsterdorf) Team news and news of the toss as we get it.
Cote (Dirksland) The death toll from the blast has now risen to 13, with 76 others wounded.
Strehle (Apatlaco) But they were released from that bail on Friday.
Fairey (Abenberg) The men aged from their 20s to 40s and all thought to be Wales fans, had been bailed until November.
Geyman (Seondha) Four were from north Wales, and two were born in south east Wales, but live in England, police said.
Vanderschoot (Sernhac) Six men were arrested on Tuesday night following the incident before the match in the concourse.
Magraw (Elsdorf) Police repeated an appeal for witnesses to the murder and were keeping an open mind about the motive for the assault.
Mowat (Haltom City) The two electronics giants currently face each other in courtrooms in Australia, North America and Asia.
Gompert (Cotui) However art conservationists are now concerned it may have suffered more damage from the aggressive technique.
Hindman (Prarostino) Last week government officials began cleaning the sculpture, blasting it with water to remove the paint.
Snellgrove (Wanamingo) The second person is described as a white male, in his 20s and of slim to medium build, with short brown hair.
McCarron (Clingen) The first person police want to trace was wearing a grey or blue top and dark trousers or jeans.
Padmore (Dengjiapu) His wife, Angela, was released from hospital two weeks ago after being treated for serious injuries.
Macinnis (Nutley) Their father Thomas, 55, died six days later.
Nordyke (Hodgkins) Secondly, anyone who bids for that trophy is also exhibiting the worst possible taste here.
Barie (Lavans-les-Saint-Claude) He said it would change from a tropical storm to a classic wintertime storm by the time it reached Scotland.
Boydston (Kafyr-Kumukh) He says the military has been struggling to restore order in the state.
Benafield (Kerns) The conflict has continued despite a strong security force presence.
Reising (Lere) He's looking to fire more working class Americans in order to win ... something.
Neria (Pastrengo) Well, more pain, discomfort, and humiliation is on its way, so get ready.
Mundschenk (Trelex) That your pension and savings were stolen by corporate crooks?
Mostert (Lienden) You think any of them really give a damn if you have a job or not?
Kaaz (Pont Canavese) Nearly all of Congress is made up of millionaires.
Trowel (Puerto Asis) Neither represents the interest of the American public.
Seace (Felsopakony) Blue people: you're doing the exact same thing: going in circles, getting nowhere fast.
Kales (Marceline) And you Red vs.
Schladweiler (West Pasco) But what we've got now is a situation where nothing is getting done.
Hardison (Buttigliera d'Asti) It is a joke.
Nethery (Zabreh) It is broken, it no longer works.
Corneille (Rabupura) It was one of those 12, among other useless non job creating bills.
Putt (Ilovlya) Post your link from yesterday that shows the 12 bills passed by the house, that the senate hasn't acted on yet.
Petrocelli (Galle) Show me the bill number!!!
Loynd (Dmitrovsk-Orlovskiy) Show me the bill number!
Ros (Cocoa Beach) What are you so arrogant about?
Threatt (Lake Sarasota) We need entrepreneurs to begin to put capital to work again.
Pannone (Labuhan) We know and the president recognizes that it is the small businesses that are struggling most.
Striker (Nove-Misto) His friends believe he should be allowed to commit suicide in exchange for his families safety.
Galavis (Ludwigsburg) However, issuing red notices for the three Libyans is largely symbolic because the U.N.
Szwarc (Straubing) It relies on national law enforcement agencies to execute arrests.
Martain (Veselyy) The court issued arrest warrants for them in June, but it has no police force of its own.
Solkowitz (Naftalan) It seems they realize their slip is showing.
Agostinelli (Omaha) Obviously the part that's supposed to give immediate relief is wasteful.
Schnider (San Francisco de Coray) I guess I backed up my claim now didn't I?
Kosen (Podgortsy) It is a tremendously wasteful plan, and Congress should absolutely reject most of that spending.
Collinson (Taylorville) Way to use a word that does little to convey the severity of the issue.
Henscheid (Roseland) We'll drop your ass in the middle of the new Texas nuke waste site.
Pechal (Ascot) That is half or all of their college education.
Lundholm (Radenka) Every new born child will be in debt at time of birth to the tune of 77,000.00 and growing by the second.
Pannhoff (Leek) Never imagined we could have that kind of stupidity in America but there you go I was wrong.
Koontz (Karkola) Kind of like the health care bill that no one read.
Meardon (Clifton Forge) We are good at it.
Monteforte (Gross-Gerungs) We have become a sad sick and illegal terrorist nations since then.
Mayon (Kheri Sampla) You have been brainwashed to fear.
Peraha (Ober-Ramstadt) Run little sheep run.
Rynkowski (Shebalino) Sad, sick and twisted but true.
Getschman (Tanapag) The citizens without money, health care, jobs,and everything else will need more protection.
Deuell (Xinzhou) They need all the money for all those watchdogs that are supposed to protect the citizens.
Donavan (Mykolayivka) Lets either move, or move on.
Sima (Mound City) Lets be active at the drop of a hat. 10 years.
Tinner (Polis) Nobody threatens us ever again.
McGilvray (Atintis) This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
Betzold (Granite City) Law enforcement officials are checking out all of the details included in the threat, Rep.
Damario (Charleston) Mike Mullen, who will be attending 9/11 commemoration events throughout the weekend.
Medawar (Bruille-Saint-Amand) But the threats remain unconfirmed.
Nellum (Nizhnyaya Maktama) Authorities have not yet linked the two, and no specific target was provided.
Mildenhall (Buenos Aires) Of course it is up to Congress to figure out how to make this paradox work.
Leubner (Bula) You all are a bunch or racist pigs.
Sanghez (Trevorton) Then I guess you will all have to move to Texas and fight for succession.
Parah (Groningen) You know who we're calling on?
Bradney (Victory Lakes) Here we are talking about 9/11, an incredible threat.
Orlich (Jocoro) They have been unemployed for nine months.
Oehmig (Ligueil) The blackout was widespread.
Schleker (Villers-Ecalles) This union terrorism is America's next threat source!
Beyett (Teriberka) If you can create your own power how are the energy companies going to make any money?
Napper (Bor) Much of the strain on the power grid is simply because Americans are spoiled.

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