Raigarh Waxman: Then the hand passed across her ribs to her stomach where it gently caressed the smooth taught skin.

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If I title this post no spam, does that really work? Is a spammer gonna read it and say oh sh!t, I better not send that person my trap I don't even know how it works. Do they go through and send emails to people or is it a computer that has a program to send people stuff. If you're going to answer me, you better have a good reason why you know that or I'll think you're a spammer. An answer like my friend told me is totally acceptable. Do you like living in Anchorage? If not I'm with you where would you want to live? I'd move to Seattle, it's just one plane ride away and it doens't get terribly cold there during the winter. Maybe you want to stay in state? Could you live in Homer? It's on the road system and the winters are much milder than Anchorage. If you want to move to the valley or Fairbanks, you really should ask yourself Why? If you want to move to rural Alaska and are not from there, I'm thinking you want an adventure! you're brave. and I'll give you two years. I don't ever want to live in the bush again... but I grew up there. I love to visit from time to time, but just to go hunting and fishing. It's such a chore to see all the people who I haven't seen in over a decade and try to remember their names. Some I don't even recognize. Ugly, I've just been ranting. let's get into the good stuff. I've got a nice paying job a decent pad and a smooth running vehicle... what more do you want? haha, kidding. I like to watch football, play various sports and cook. I don't like to clean, but I don't like a messy house, what a tough situation that puts me in. I keep telling myself I'm going to hire a maid to clean up for me but I still haven't. I tell myself it's stupid to hire a maid, but on the up side, they could probably really use the money. Someone's either gotta be desperate for money or just love to clean to do that job. Maybe they think it's easy money. It probably is easy money, not too much overhead and it probably comes out to quite a bit per hour. I hope

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